Dorchester Choral Society

Become a Supporter

Corporate Sponsors

Firms who wish to reach our large number of followers and who want to share in our vibrant community programme become corporate sponsors in return for annual financial support.  They will  receive advanced booking information, choice of seating and other financial benefits.

Your support will be acknowledged on our posters and in our concert programmes.

As we are a charity there may be tax advantages for corporate donations, thus reducing the effective cost to sponsors.

One-off sponsorship

This is where individuals or firms contribute to putting on a particular concert, or paying for a soloist or orchestral musician. The possibilities are endless. Your generosity will be recognised by a dedication in our concert programme and an early choice of seats.


Individuals who want to become Patrons do so by donating a regular sum of money each year. This gives advanced booking privileges and a choice of seating.  If they wish, Patrons  are listed within our concert programmes in acknowledgement of their support.

To Know More

Simply e-mail and one of our committee will be delighted to contact you to talk about how you can help.



Photos From Our Previous Performances